What type of climber are you?

Never Climbed
Brand new to climbing, don’t worry we all were once. Lots of our members started climbing with the club. Email our new members person newmember@thetwmc.co.uk and they’ll arrange for someone to meet you at one of our meets so you can have a go. You don’t need any specialist gear we can lend you what you need if climbing outdoors, or you can hire it cheaply at a climbing wall. If you like it we suggest you go on a short course to learn the safety bits and basics with a local instructor, this ensures you get the latest best practice and will give you the key skills so you can climb with anyone in the club. Don’t worry they’ll help you if you forget.
Nuts4climbing are offering 25% off introductory courses for TWMC members, that saving alone is worth the membership fee, and then there is the 15% off in cotswold on all your kit, contact newmember@thetwmc.co.uk to join the fun.

Indoor Climber
So you’ve been climbing indoors and now you want to try it outdoors, you may have done an indoors to outdoors course with a climbing wall but its not necessary. Top roping and sport climbing are largely the same outdoors as indoors, but don’t expect to immediately climb at the same grade outdoors. It will take a while to adjust to outdoor climbing, the holds aren’t brightly coloured so finding them can take a bit longer and it will feel a bit more exciting but you’ll soon get used to that. We also have a number of people who have learned to climb placing protection as you climb, this is called “trad” climbing. This involves placing protection into cracks to protect yourself instead of clipping in to bolts. There are quite a few things to learn for this and we recommend people to attend a course to cover these, especially the important safety points. The club has organised “learning to lead”  courses with top instructors in the past when there has been a couple of people wanting to learn at the same time. We have also had people “learn on the job” and supplement it with books and DVDs.

TWMC is a great place to expand your climbing horizons, email our membership person newmember@thetwmc.co.uk and pop along to one of our meets.

Experienced Climber
You know the ropes, you’ve got a climbing partner, why join TWMC? There are still lots of benefits to being a TWMC member. You get BMC membership which gives you a whole heap of benefits, the TWMC also gets 15% discount in Cotswold (that alone could cover the cost of your membership). You also get a heap of new climbing partners, advice and knowledge and access to the club library. Club trips with good rates to stay in huts and socials and slide shows. And all that for less than a pint, or glass of wine per month.

Email our club membership person newmember@thetwmc.co.uk and they’ll give you all the details.

About us

Tunbridge Wells Mountaineering Club (TWMC) is a friendly climbing club based in (yes you’ve guessed it) Tunbridge Wells. We welcome people of all abilities and types of climbing. The club has over 60 members, mostly spread through Kent and Sussex, but with members as far away as Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Wales. One third of our members are women and our age profile covers teens through to sixty-somethings. The only requirement to become a member is that you are 18 years old or over (its an insurance thing).

We climb regularly on the South East Sandstone outcrops, and are also active supporting the Sandstone Volunteer Group. In the summer we climb outdoors on Tuesday and Thursday and members are out climbing every weekend.

We also run a trip each month to other climbing destinations across the UK, including the Peak District, North Wales, Swanage, Portland, Baggy Point, Lundy etc.

Most years we also run another foreign trip, these are usually in the Spring and Spain has been the venue for the last couple of years.

Members also organise there own trips in the last 2 years this has included trips to Scotland, Spain, Kalymnos, Sicily, Nepal, Ireland, Fontainbleau, French Alps, Thailand, New Zealand, Cayman Islands and USA.

We have members active across all the climbing disciplines including bouldering, top roping, trad, sport, indoor competitions, ice climbing, dry tooling, scrambling, winter walking, via ferrata, alpine climbing and ski mountaineering.

Members are always keen to share their knowledge with new climbers, so its a great place to expand your climbing ambitions.

In the winter we keep climbing, we climb indoors at a number of local walls, see the events page for more details. Members also enter the Blokfest and Chimera bouldering competitions. There are trips across the UK and depending on the weather we could be rock climbing, winter walking, ice climbing or mountain biking. In addition this year we are running a competition through the winter on the South East Sandstone.

We meet socially for events such as slide shows from club or members trips, barbeques to christmas curry night, see the events page for details.

TWMC is a BMC (British Mountaineering Council) affiliated club and a proportion on each members subscription is passed on, this entitles members benefit from the following benefits

  • £10m Civil Liability Insurance
  • Travel and Activity Insurance
  • 10% discount in over 600 Outdoor Shops
  • Summit magazine – Free
  • Discounts in UK and Alpine huts
  • Register for Instructor Award Schemes
  • Advice and Information
  • Discounts on Trail, Climber, CLIMB and Country Walking Magazine
  • Financial Services
  • Discounts on BMC guidebooks
  • Discounts at Plas y Brenin
  • Free members handbook
  • Member discounts

To find out more about joining come along to one of our local or indoor meets or a social or email our new member secretary newmember@thetwmc.co.uk for more details.

Contact us

if you would like to find out more please email newmember@thetwmc.co.uk or just come along to one of our indoor climbing meets or socials.

You can save all our contact details on your phone by scanning the QR code below


If you are already a member but want to contact the membership secretary email membership@thetwmc.co.uk