Indoor climber

So you’ve been climbing indoors and now you want to try it outdoors, you may have done an indoors to outdoors course with a climbing wall but its not necessary. Top roping and sport climbing are largely the same outdoors as indoors, but don’t expect to immediately climb at the same grade outdoors. It will take a while to adjust to outdoor climbing, the holds aren’t brightly coloured so finding them can take a bit longer and it will feel a bit more exciting but you’ll soon get used to that. We also have a number of people who have learned to climb placing protection as you climb, this is called “trad” climbing. This involves placing protection into cracks to protect yourself instead of clipping in to bolts. There are quite a few things to learn for this and we recommend people to attend a course to cover these, especially the important safety points. The club has organised “learning to lead”  courses with top instructors in the past when there has been a couple of people wanting to learn at the same time. We have also had people “learn on the job” and supplement it with books and DVDs.

TWMC is a great place to expand your climbing horizons, email our membership guy and pop along to one of our meets.