Never Climbed

Brand new to climbing, don’t worry we all were once. Lots of our members started climbing with the club. Email our new members guy and he’ll arrange for someone to meet you at one of our meets so you can have a go. You don’t need any specialist gear we can lend you what you need if climbing outdoors, or you can hire it cheaply at a climbing wall. If you like it we suggest you go on a short course to learn the safety bits and basics with a local instructor, this ensures you get the latest best practice and will give you the key skills so you can climb with anyone in the club. Don’t worry they’ll help you if you forget.

Nuts4climbing are offering 25% off introductory courses for TWMC members, that saving alone is worth the membership fee, and then there is the 15% off in cotswold on all your kit, contact to join the fun.