North Wales Trip, Feb 2013

An enjoyable weekend. Snow in Wales! A little soggy maybe but definitely there and climbable. Gwin (Trip Owner) and Ian headed for Cwm Clyd on Saturday morning. This has straight forward access from Ogwen Cottage keeping north of the East Ridge of Y Garn and following the line of the stream that runs down into Llyn Idwal.. A wide bowl surrounding Llyn Clyd gives 4 main routes of about 250m in length – the NE Spur Grade 3 and A, B, C and D (Banana) Gullies at Grades 1/2.

All good introductory climbs, (although prone to dry slab avalanche after heavy snowfall and W & SW winds – the guide book states) , The intrepid pair dispatched B Gully free after a lunchtime chat with two climbers who were busy putting a rope away after deciding not to do Banana Gully ( probably softies from some southern climbing club! ). Options for descent are either by the Devils Kitchen or over the summit of Y Garn and down the NE Ridge. The pair opted for the later as the quicker and having responsibility for the evening meal of Beef (with horse) Lasagne and Apple Crumble with Custard.

TOP TIP from TRIP – Don’t buy wood from Welsh Garages – it’s damp and won’t burn!

John I and others did stuff like Parsley Fern Gully in Cym Glas Mawr and Steve J and Jeremy D and Co did the Nantile Ridge on the Saturday. On the Sunday John tried the Trinity Gullies on Snowdon but found them out of condition. Not sure what the others did – It was very soggy!)

Lake District Trip – Jan 2012

Welcome to the Icehouse

Accommodation on the January Lakes trip was spartan to say the least but with well below freezing night time temperatures and somewhat inadequate heating it was borne stoically by those who went. The proximity of the pub, (almost next door), was a godsend and the food wasn’t bad either! But if it’s all about the location then this was still a good choice for access to the Scafell and Gable ranges at the head of Borrowdale. Continue reading “Lake District Trip – Jan 2012”