Chairman’s roundup – EGM instead of AGM

We are approaching the October meet when we would normally be holding our AGM, however this year we are calling an EGM in order to put forward the following change: –

We feel that it would make sense to bring ourselves into line with the BMC year end (Dec), this would make the membership secretary’s job simpler particularly from the point of view of membership, subscriptions, insurance etc.

If the club is in agreement with this we will hold the AGM in November and the new committee will take over from January. If you are unable to make the meeting and wish to respond or comment on this please do so by email. Continue reading “Chairman’s roundup – EGM instead of AGM”

Club Meets and Trips Update

The social on Wednesday 13th April is Katy Dartford showing slides and talking about 2 of her recent climbing trips to Sicily and Caymen Islands. Hear about what happens when you get injured abroad, and what its like to climb with a bunch of yanks. All welcome, bring your friends.

Also we are now taking bookings for the club trip to the Roaches at the beginning of May. Please book your place by contacting Rob Naylor by emailing to reserve your place.

See the calendar for more details on the social, the roaches trip and all the other events the club is doing.