‘TWMC Meet Briefing’

Dear Members, prior to the upcoming club Sandstone meets, please carefully consider the following points and proceed with caution:

      1. Do NOT attend if YOU or ANYONE in your household are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.
      2. Anyone wishing to attend the Meet must “Sign On” by stating so on the “Just Meets” WhatsApp group, or by making yourself known to the Meet organiser.
      3. Anyone that has Signed On, but doesn’t attend, please TELL US so you are not unnecessarily involved in NHS Track & Trace.
      4. Do NOT travel to the Meet with anyone outside of your household.
      5. Try to MINIMISE the number of partners that you climb with.
      6. Always MAINTAIN 2m social distance – this is everyone’s responsiblity.
      7. Do NOT share any personal climbing equipment, climbing shoe towels, food or drink.
      8. AVOID touching gates & path furniture and using narrow paths, use an alternative route instead.
      9. Bring 70% (or more) alcohol hand sanitiser and use regularly.
      10. If you do show symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of the Meet, please notify NHS Track & Trace and the Meet organiser & TWMC Chair.

Club meets are currently limited to WEEKDAY EVENING SANDSTONE MEETS, as per the calendar. These are likely to be Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

We urge any other personal climbing be carried out under the current government and BMC guidelines, including the rule of 6.

Many Thanks, The TWMC Committee



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