Atlas Mountains Trip Report

We sat perched on the rooftop of Chez Lamin Hadj Mustapha, overlooking downtown Marrakesh beneath us. This was our grand, celebratory blowout meal after a hard earned trip into the High Atlas Mountains, and we all had eyes far bigger than our stomachs. Read more…

Team TWMC, summit of Djebel Toubkal 4,167m

TWMC Membership Reaches a New High

We are delighted that the club has re-grown it’s membership to triple figures. TWMC finished 2022 with 100 members, so what does this mean… well, we’re even more confident that you’ll be able to find someone that likes to climb where / how / when you do!

Happy Climbing  🧗

Is a quiet blog a good or bad sign? Gone climbing…

Everyone starts a blog at some point in their life and so did the TWMC. Right now we’re focussing on promoting the club through our public Instagram and Facebook pages.

We aspire to write some trip reports and new content here soon. Sorry we’ve not posted anything in the last 5 years – we’ve been too busy climbing! Now that can’t be a bad thing for a climbing club – can it?