A Day in the Vegetable Mountain Range

My much needed kit:

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Potato Peeler
  • Knife
  • Chopping Board
  • Food and water

The area was easy to navigate, so a map and compass was not needed. (Good job really, as Steve had gone off with mine!)


The challenge of potato mountain……

They all went in different directions, they were out of sight but I could still hear some distant voices. In a flash, they were gone and I was suddenly left alone. There was an eerie silence and a cold chill around me but I knew I couldn’t give up. I climbed stair mountain and managed to retrieve my sleeping bag from where we rested the night before. With it draped around my neck, I managed to descend stair mountain, taking great care with every step.

I found a place within the Tyn Lon area, where I placed my sleeping bag and made camp. I knew I would return later, cold and tired after completing the daunting challenge that lay before me.

I gathered my gear and made my way towards the vegetable mountain range and it wasn’t long before I reached Carroty Crag. I now faced my first 2 pitch climb, which I was about to solo alone ….. Even with a damaged leg! I arranged my gear in front of me and sat myself down. Doubts of failure had started to seep into my head and my heart began to race. For the sake of the team, I knew I had to give it my all. I had no idea when they would return but I new in my heart that I would see them again, they were all experienced climbers … the best I new! I was going to complete this challenge, if not for me but for them!

I started my ascent on Carroty Crag and in no time at all had reached the end of pitch 1. What an achievement! ……. However, I still had one pitch left to go. I looked at my hands, they were already feeling sore and started looking a rather orangey colour. However, I was not going to be defeated at such an early stage. I took a short break, composed myself and continued with pitch 2. It wasn’t long before I had conquered Carroty Crag, I knew the team would be proud of me and with this in mind, it gave me the encouragement to face my biggest challenge yet ……. Potato mountain!

What now lay before me was a daunting sight, I felt the shivers of fear run through me at the thought of facing this one alone. I knew the others were all facing mountains of their own but at least they had the support of each other. I remembered once again, that I was doing this for them and that we would all soon be reunited.

My last experience of a mountain similar to this was Christmas time. I remember feeling elated after leading the team to victory. However, the mountain we climbed was half the size of what I was facing now but the terrain was similar. This time I was alone but I knew that I could do it….. I would just have to pace myself!

After a rest and something to eat, I contemplated which side was the best to ascend. It was a mountain full of rather large boulders, some of which looked rather unsteady. I knew this was dangerous, I just had to be careful. The western side was a longer but more gradual climb, whereas the southern side was a lot steeper. I sat and thought of Paul, Rob and Dan….. What approach would they choose? The decisions are normally left to them, but no, they’ve ‘buggered off ‘ with Steve and left me to fend for myself. However, they’ve taught me well and if they didn’t think I could do it, they wouldn’t have left me……Would they?

I had started to get cold and could hear Paul’s voice in my head……. “Don’t ‘faff’ around, just get on with it.” I erased all thoughts from my mind, it was my decision and only I could choose my approach.

I took a deep breath and started my ascent …….

I paced myself well and became less daunted the more I progressed. I soon reached the half way mark but by now my leg was becoming very uncomfortable and painful. I took a rest, reajusted my positioning and was soon ready to battle on and conquer this mountain.

The hours had ticked by and it was finally over …… I had defeated both Carroty Crag and Potato Mountain, on my own. My hands were sore, my arms were aching and my leg had become very painful. All I had to do now was make my way back to camp, so I could get some rest.

By the time I arrived back at camp I was feeling cold and tired. So I struggled into my sleeping bag and made myself as comfortable as possible.

I lay quietly in the deadly silence, a feeling of sadness and loneliness weighed me down, pinning me to the sleeping bag and sapping every ounce of energy I had left. I thought of those who were climbing, walking and mountain biking and longed for their safe return. A feeling of heaviness came upon me …..

It wasn’t long before I was woken from my sleep …….. The first of the wanderers had safely returned!

So what have I learnt?……..



Sue T

(Editor Comment: Thanks to Sue for sharing her “joe simpson” epic with us, the rest of us were very grateful and devoured potato mountain, carroty crag and  what is officially called a munro of sausages! As you can see below)

Communal Meal - Tyn Lon
Communal Meal - Tyn Lon