Member Profile Series: Number 2

In our second ‘member profile’ meet Christine Parr from Tunbridge Wells. She’s an occupational therapist by trade, so take note when she advises you to stretch!

 Name: Christine Parr

Age: 36

Day job: Occupational Therapist

Location: Tunbridge Wells

Years climbing: 4

How long have you been a member of TWMC? 4 years

Favourite type of climbing (trad, sport, bouldering, top-roping, soloing)? Top roping on sandstone! (I’m working on my trad skills but a bit of a coward!)

What got you into climbing? I moved to Tunbridge Wells and was looking for a hobby that was outdoors, physical and had a social element – it ticked all the boxes!

Where was your first climbing experience? Somewhere in North Wales.

What do you like most about the sport? Where to begin… Being able to spend time in beautiful places, seeing them from a unique angle, fighting the physical and mental battle to overcome the ‘crux’, having support and advice from others, talking about knots! What’s not to love?!

Favourite spot to climb (locally)? Harrisons though I have a soft spot for Bulls Hollow.

Top three local climbs? Hennessey’s Heights, Pigs Ear, Unclimbed wall.

Top climb ever? Would probably have to be Giordano in the Dolomites as it was my first go at leading on a multi-pitch. Turned out to be a full epic as we were still on the mountain in a thunder storm…

Favourite climbs/areas to climb (nationally/globally)? Sennen, Froggatt, Wye Valley, Dolomites.

Favourite rock type to climb on? Gritstone. You actually stick to it!

Do you have any projects/plans for 2016? To do more leading and conquer my fear!!

Do you climb indoors? If so, where? Mainly Karma now but occasionally K2, White Spider and The Reach.

What do you think of the local Southern Sandstone climbing scene? Friendly bunch, nice mix of people.

Favourite local venue for refreshments after climbing? Neville Crest and Gun, The Huntsman.

How do you keep fit over the winter months? Running, gym and walking.

Do you participate in any other sports? Running

Any advice on avoiding injuries? Stretch – I’ve learnt the hard way, stretch your fingers before and after! And the rest of you!

Favourite climber of all time? Brian Mead!! Chris Sharma is ok too.

Any tips for anyone looking to get into climbing? Just come and give it a go! You might not get to the top of anything to start with but once you do you might just get hooked!