Member Profile Series: Number 5

Commando Ridge veteran Sue Luck loves the smell of sandstone in the morning…

Name: Sue Luck.
Age: 57.
Day job: Shop owner.
Location: Crowborough.
Years climbing: On and off for 8 years.
How long have you been a member of TWMC? 8 years.
Favourite type of climbing (trad, sport, bouldering, top-roping, soloing)? Trad, trad, trad!
What got you into climbing? A friend (Anna Lawford – thanks Anna).
Where was your first climbing experience? Harrisons – Crack and Cave – then Llanberis Pass and Flying Buttress and I was addicted.
What do you like most about the sport? Being outside; finding myself in incredible and beautiful places; conquering the fear; friendships.
Favourite spot to climb (locally)? Harrisons.
Top local climbs? Pigs Ear, Niblick.
Top climb ever? Locally: Niblick. Trad: Commando Ridge.
Favourite climbs/areas to climb (nationally/globally)? Pembroke, Cornwall, Tremadog.
What do you like/dislike about Southern Sandstone? I love that it is so close by – I love the smell of the rock on my hands… yes, I admit, strange but true! Sometimes I find it so hard to climb on, though, and can get quite dispirited.
How has your season been so far this year? Really good – I feel fit and strong and have recently been leading at VS  – really chuffed.
Are you working on any projects at the moment? I would love to do a 6a on sandstone. Working on it….
Do you climb indoors? If so, where? Only in the winter to keep fit – at the Reach, K2 at Crawley and Withdean in Brighton
How do you keep fit over the winter months? Indoor climbing and a trip to Morocco.
Do you participate in any other sports? A bit of cycling, yoga, mowing my lawn is a good weekly summer workout and hill walking when I’m not climbing.
Any advice on avoiding injuries? Warm up on something easy and listen to your body.
Any shoe recommendations for climbing Southern Sandstone? I love Evolv shoes but they fit me and I can wear them all day. If you hobble in your shoes they are too tight!
Favourite climber of all time? Catherine Destiville (sorry Brian!)
Any tips for anyone looking to get into climbing? Don’t wait till you are nearly 50 like me – just do it now!
sue luck leading it out
sue luck leading it out