Chairman’s roundup – EGM instead of AGM

We are approaching the October meet when we would normally be holding our AGM, however this year we are calling an EGM in order to put forward the following change: –

We feel that it would make sense to bring ourselves into line with the BMC year end (Dec), this would make the membership secretary’s job simpler particularly from the point of view of membership, subscriptions, insurance etc.

If the club is in agreement with this we will hold the AGM in November and the new committee will take over from January. If you are unable to make the meeting and wish to respond or comment on this please do so by email.

Over the past year we have had committee members Sue and John step down through pressure of work and Rob F. will be resigning at the end of this year. So we are looking for a treasurer, hut bookings secretary and someone to help Dave with new membership. The more help we have the less work there will be for any one person – so please help us to spread the load. (Not that it is that onerous). No experience is necessary, just a desire to get involved. New and established members would be both welcome, especially regular climbers.

Let me know if you wish to nominate someone or or join the committee yourself.

The move to our new monthly venue at The Beacon proved particularly successful on the evening when Oliver Hill premiered the ‘Long Hope Route’ film although subsequent ‘social meets’ have not been particularly well attended.

From Oct through to April we will be back at the Beacon except for the curry night in December.

The rota for wall venues through the winter will be available soon.

The first months of the year saw discussions with the original Sandstone Club which resulted in them winding up their own club and their members joining us.

After some discussion it was decided to hold the late Spring and Summer monthly social meets at a crag rather than in the pub as has always been the custom. The committee felt that the use of email and the internet for communication was now the accepted way of keeping in touch and it was no longer necessary for many members to attend in person when constant contact can be so easily maintained. This has also been made much easier with Paul updating the excellent website he created last year. Focusing on the crag meets has helped Dave introduce several new members to club activities at the Tues and Thurs sessions.

No doubt the weather has had some direct influence on those joining club away meets although those who have got away have reported good times had by most. A couple of trips have been either cancelled or gathered no support so suggestions for new or favourite destinations would be welcome for the next year.

Coming up

Oct 10th EGM and slides talk by Hely Boylan on his trip to Turkey

Oct 13-14th trip to the Peaks: always something somewhere is climbable for everyone at any grade. Let me know if you are thinking of going.

Nov 14th AGM